Sunday Lunch

Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a Sunday roast to tuck into. Let us take care of the hard graft so you and the family can kick back and enjoy a Sunday roast without any of the preparation or the washing up!

Sunday Dinner Tradition

There are many varied opinions on the origins of the Sunday roast. Many historians state that the meal has its roots in the British Isles and, in particular, the county of Yorkshire. Sunday dinner was traditionally the meal eaten after church on a Sunday. A larger than usual meal on a Sunday after church was typical, however, in many countries across Europe. Religion is said to have had a key role in the development of this meal; on Sundays, meat and dairy were allowed to be eaten after the period of abstinence on Fridays. Eating fish on Fridays became common and the fish and chip supper developed as a result of this rule. The Sunday roast became a celebration of meat being allowed once more.

Going Back To Our Roots

Some historians argue that there was a key moment in the development of the Sunday dinner during the Industrial Revolution. During the late 1700s, families would put a cut of meat plus plenty of vegetables, including lots of potatoes, into the oven as they got ready to go to church. Upon their return all they needed to do was make the gravy from those delicious meat juices! Another school of thought is that the meal was the result of the medieval serfs being rewarded by their squire. After serving him for six days of the week, on Sundays they would gather and practise their archery techniques and would be treated to a roast afterwards.

The Yorkshire Pudding

The other notable player in the Sunday roast is the Yorkshire pudding. As many no doubt know, this was traditionally served as a separate first course, with copious amounts of gravy. This was designed as a delicious, but cheap and filling starter to ensure that the more expensive meat course went a bit further. No need to worry about going hungry here, as we ensure there is plenty for everyone! The times they are a changing, as we not only honour this noble tradition, but expand our repertoire to meet the needs of a growing number of people who choose not to eat meat, but who nevertheless want to join in with the Sunday roast tradition. Our menu means everyone can join in, whatever their dietary requirements.

The Menu

Everybody loves a roast, even more so when you don’t have to cook it or do the washing up! The Warehouse Taproom and Bar is the perfect place to get together for a Sunday roast; good food and none of the hassle. There are a range of tantalising starters to whet your appetite, including Hamhock Terrine and Smoked Tomato and Red Pepper Soup. Our delicious roast dinners all come with Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, chipolata and homemade gravy. We have something for meat-eaters, fish-lovers and the vegetarians and vegans. If, by some chance, you still have room after the main event, there are some gorgeous desserts to tempt you, like the Zymurgorium Choc-a-bloc Gin Tiramisu.

Our Sunday dinners are proving to be a very popular. Whilst we have extensive seating, both inside and out, we recommend you book your table to avoid disappointment!