Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

We all love that magical smell of coffee as we walk into an establishment; it awakens our senses at the same time as giving us a sense of comfort.

The Warehouse team have approached local coffee suppliers, explaining our incredible new venture and that we will be supporting regional local businesses, suddenly we had coffee sample delivery’s appearing everywhere, who knew that the East of England had some of the best coffee suppliers in the country!

Unlike most teams across the UK not many of the team are caffeine addicts, this includes the Directors! This you would think could be difficult selecting the right coffee for The Warehouse, do not dismay at this my caffeine powered people, I am addicted to coffee and have made it my personal mission to have every member of the team hooked by the end of this year.

I have already put my plan into action by taking the team around the world via coffee beans, all the samples have been tried and tested with the non-coffee drinkers all having a sip or two, as much as some of these samples had amazing aromas and tantalising tastes something was missing until…

A fabulous local company Silver Oaks Coffee located in Ely offered to send someone out to us, to talk through their coffee and taste the different varieties they have to offer (covid-19 guidance adhered to). Tremendous Tom was allocated to be our coffee guru for the afternoon, whose enthusiasm is just infectious so much so that everyone including the ‘I don’t drink coffee’ people had been completely drawn in asking various questions and sharing Tom’s passion for coffee. It is safe to say we all enjoyed the various coffees we tried from nutty notes to fruity flavours.

Some of you may wish to skip this part as it’s the horror of decaffeinated coffee, I did not under any circumstances want to try the decaffeinated coffee past experiences have damaged my opinions, however, seeing as non-coffee drinkers tried all that was on offer it was only fair I put my brave pants on to give it a try….to my total amazement not only did this Silver Oak decaffeinated coffee look and smell like an expresso shot it also tasted like coffee, its safe to say I’m assuming some form of magic was used in the process to get it to taste like that.

Our tastebuds had been thoroughly tickled and delighted, The Warehouse team have decided and there is no doubt that Silver Oak Coffee will be our number one coffee supplier, we are looking forward to working with them and once restrictions allow, we will be visiting their micro-roastery.

We look forward to you popping in for coffee….

Hattie 🙂

Restaurant Manager