Norfolk Gin

Think fresh juniper aromas and herbal scents, balanced with a touch of spice, hints of sweetness and fragrant citrus: that’s the essence of Norfolk Gin.

One of the original new breed of artisan gins in the UK, Norfolk Gin was first created in 2014 by Jonathan and Alison Redding in their kitchen, located in the historic city of Norwich.

Using the bathtub method, Norfolk Gin features a unique combination of fragrant botanicals, prepared by hand and slowly steeped in the ‘bathtub’. This gentle method gives Norfolk Gin its irresistible flavour and its subtle straw-like colour. Every batch of Norfolk Gin is still made by hand, and with love, in their Norwich gin studio.

Created to appeal to today’s gin drinkers, but hugely respectful of the past, Norfolk Gin’s herby notes are inspired by the traditional Genever, whilst its gentle sweetness pays homage to gin of the Old Tom era.

Norfolk Gin is juniper-led with floral and citrus notes that work together in perfect harmony; resulting in a gin that is smooth, delicious and very easy-drinking.

As well as tasting delicious, Norfolk Gin looks beautiful in its distinctive handcrafted bottle, made by Wade Ceramics in Stoke on Trent. Rather than being disposable, an empty Norfolk Gin bottle is designed to be treasured or re-used.

Whether in a classic gin and tonic or a super-stylish Singapore Sling, Norfolk Gin is a hand-crafted, superior quality spirit which suits any occasion.