Meet The Team: Morgan, Patissiere

Hi, I’m Morgan and I LOVE baking!

I’m friendly, bubbly and love all things cake so being a Patissiere is an absolute dream! My Nan has played a big part in my passion for baking. When I was younger, she was always teaching me how to bake different things and it has stuck with me ever since! So much so that as I’ve got older, I have taken over the ‘family baker’ role! I make a lot of birthday cakes for friends and family and it’s great as I’m always experimenting with flavors and styles and creating different but equally fantastic things to eat! I’m very family orientated and spend a lot of my time with my 2-year-old nephew Isaac. I have lived with my family near Downham Market all of my life so I’m very familiar with the local area and love that there are lots of things to do.

Throughout my education I spent a lot of my time in the art rooms and went on to study fine art at A-level. My art teachers were the best! I have always been super creative so doing a job that allows me to express my creativity is a dream. I also like Interior Design and after getting my A-level, I went on to university in Norwich to study it. I really enjoyed my time at uni and am proud to be able to say I now have a degree in Interior Design. Alongside my degree when the COVID-19 pandemic began, my baking really started to take off! We were all stuck at home so what better to do than BAKE!

During my studies I have also worked part time. Wanting to do my bit to help, I spent some time during the pandemic working as a housekeeper in a local care home. I enjoyed it there and it was lovely to be able to interact with the residents during a difficult time when the rest of the world was closed off. It was nice to add something to their day, I got great fulfilment from it. Prior to that I also worked in a café for almost 3 years and really enjoyed it. During my time there I learnt a lot about catering settings and customer care and my confidence has greatly improved as a result of that. My kitchen/food skills really improved throughout my time waitressing and working in a kitchen and I missed being able to utilize those skills once I left. Having the opportunity to re-visit that and develop further is really great! Obviously, my favorite part was the always the cake! Making it & eating it-yum!

Over the past year I would say my skills and love for baking has really blossomed and I started to think about how I could develop my hobby into a career which is what led me to applying for this role. Here I am and I couldn’t be happier to start this new journey with the team at The Warehouse Taproom Bar & Restaurant.