Bullards Spirits

Bullards Spirits is a name that’s been synonymous with the history of Norwich since 1837. Beginning at the Anchor Brewery, Bullards Spirits now focuses on the production of handcrafted, award-winning gin.

Bullards Spirits are leaders in innovation and sustainability in the drinks industry. Their Bottle For Life concept encourages consumers to keep their Bottle For Life and enjoy the refill with a letterbox-friendly, Eco-Refill Pouch.

Their collection hosts four signature gins, with a little something to suit every gin preference from a smooth and sweet drop through to something herbaceous and salty. The Bullards Spirits collection delivers classic gins, carefully crafted with a contemporary twist.

Their London Dry Gin is an easy-drinking classic, distilled uniquely with South American Tonka beans giving notes of vanilla, marzipan & adding viscosity for an extra smooth finish. Awarded World’s Best for a reason!

Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin is a contemporary fresh and fruity gin infused with 100 kilos of strawberries in each distillation. A faint trickle of black pepper adds warmth for a tasty finish. She’s a ‘grown-ups’ pink gin.

Their Old Tom Gin is a traditional slightly sweet style of gin distilled with pink pepper, vanilla pods and a Bullards Spirits twist with Norfolk honey & fresh mango. Infused with demerara sugar, this gin has a light golden hue. A great sipping gin or perfect for sweet cocktails.

And finally, their newest addition, Coastal Gin. Inspired by the Norfolk coastline, it is delicate and salty with bright citrus flavours. Featuring a host of locally foraged coastal botanicals to bring a sense of the seaside to each glass. Subtly saline on the palate and a faint tickle of wild fennel on the nose.