Black Shuck Distillery

To complement the extensive range of Gins, Vodkas and Rum The Warehouse Bar will be stocking Black Shuck.

The Story of The Black Shuck Distillery…

The Black Shuck Distillery story began during the Summer of 2011, when Patrick and Sarah Saunders together with their children Leanne, Nicola and William had a dream to start their own business.  The original aim was to have a family project which could supplement their pensions in the years to come.  Today the North Norfolk distillery is a full-time thriving business boasting a vast array of fine Gins, Rums, Vodka and Liqueurs.

The family has always taken inspiration from the stunning North Norfolk Coast and the recipe for their White Label Gin which was launched in 2015 was no exception. It took over two years of recipe development before Patrick and Sarah were completely happy with the results. Those who have tried Black Shuck White Label Gin agree it was time well spent.  

Two of the botanicals used in the distillation of Black Shuck Gin are Norfolk’s very own Lavender and Sea Buckthorn.  Sea Buckthorn is a hardy tree like shrub, which grows naturally in sandy soil.  Its stunning orange berries are renowned for their many health benefits.  According to Greek legend, soldiers set their war-torn horses free in the sea buckthorn forests to die a natural death.  They were amazed when their horses returned sometime later, full of strength, with radiant shiny coats and with their health restored.  Hence, the Sea Buckthorn was named Hippophae Rhamnoides “tree that makes horses shine”.

The family chose to use Black Shuck for their branding at one of the first family business meetings. The logo, designed by Leanne, is now recognised across Norfolk and beyond.

According to English folklore, Black Shuck, a large ghostly spirit dog with malevolent flaming red eyes has prowled the East Anglian countryside for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Many sightings have been recorded particularly along the coastlines, dark lanes and footpaths. As with all legends, stories of Black Shuck have been told exaggerated and retold resulting in as many variations of the legend as there are varieties of Gin.

Moon Gazer Ales

Stop Staring and Start Gazing 

Moon Gazer ales from Norfolk Brewhouse are regular favourites of Beers of Europe customers.  

Started by husband-and-wife team David and Rachel Holliday in 2012 this small brewery ticked away in rural North Norfolk has won a host of national and regional awards for its craft lager and ales.  

Its core range of Moon Gazer beers are unashamedly traditional in style – ranging from their Jigfoot golden ale, the best bitter Jumper and Bouchart mild. However, the team complement this core range with a range of more contemporary ale styles – IPAs, pale ales, fruit infusions and specialty beers. Their lagers are also multi-award winning – with four styles to choose from. 

In addition, the team are proud that within their range they include gluten-free options on ales and lagers – such as the New Zealand hopped Pintail Pale Ale.  

The team also loves to collaborate with other brewers – including breweries from USA, France and Belgium – so do keep an eye out for special brews with an international twist. 

All the beers are small-batch produced and use the finest ingredients such as Norfolk’s finest Maris Otter barley.  The brewery has its own borehole water to give the beers a unique stamp of its Hindringham base.  

Incidentally, the Moon Gazer name, and the names of all of the beers are named after the iconic Norfolk hare. 


Meet The Team: Morgan, Patissiere

Hi, I’m Morgan and I LOVE baking!

I’m friendly, bubbly and love all things cake so being a Patissiere is an absolute dream! My Nan has played a big part in my passion for baking. When I was younger, she was always teaching me how to bake different things and it has stuck with me ever since! So much so that as I’ve got older, I have taken over the ‘family baker’ role! I make a lot of birthday cakes for friends and family and it’s great as I’m always experimenting with flavors and styles and creating different but equally fantastic things to eat! I’m very family orientated and spend a lot of my time with my 2-year-old nephew Isaac. I have lived with my family near Downham Market all of my life so I’m very familiar with the local area and love that there are lots of things to do.

Throughout my education I spent a lot of my time in the art rooms and went on to study fine art at A-level. My art teachers were the best! I have always been super creative so doing a job that allows me to express my creativity is a dream. I also like Interior Design and after getting my A-level, I went on to university in Norwich to study it. I really enjoyed my time at uni and am proud to be able to say I now have a degree in Interior Design. Alongside my degree when the COVID-19 pandemic began, my baking really started to take off! We were all stuck at home so what better to do than BAKE!

During my studies I have also worked part time. Wanting to do my bit to help, I spent some time during the pandemic working as a housekeeper in a local care home. I enjoyed it there and it was lovely to be able to interact with the residents during a difficult time when the rest of the world was closed off. It was nice to add something to their day, I got great fulfilment from it. Prior to that I also worked in a café for almost 3 years and really enjoyed it. During my time there I learnt a lot about catering settings and customer care and my confidence has greatly improved as a result of that. My kitchen/food skills really improved throughout my time waitressing and working in a kitchen and I missed being able to utilize those skills once I left. Having the opportunity to re-visit that and develop further is really great! Obviously, my favorite part was the always the cake! Making it & eating it-yum!

Over the past year I would say my skills and love for baking has really blossomed and I started to think about how I could develop my hobby into a career which is what led me to applying for this role. Here I am and I couldn’t be happier to start this new journey with the team at The Warehouse Taproom Bar & Restaurant.

BBC Bargain Hunt Returns To The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables

Our sister business onsite The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables, Setchey opened its doors once again and welcomed back BBC Bargain Hunt film crew, guests and celebrities.

The Bargain Hunt Team enjoyed the last visit in 2019 so much that they asked The Clark Family whether they could return and this time filmed 4 episodes for BBC1 over 2 days!

The show kicked off with Eric Knowles introducing the ‘Red Team’ and the ‘Blue Team’ on the shop floor.

Each team was then joined by a celebrity antique expert (to be revealed when the first program airs in June).

Bargain Hunt is presented by a team of antique experts. There are two teams one red the other blue and both teams have £300 and one hour to buy antiques which they have to sell at auction and try and make a profit!

The teams were spoilt for choice as the Antique Centre has over 120 exhibitors/dealers, one of the largest in the UK with an immense choice of vintage, retro, paintings, stamps, silver, militaria, coins, models, books, jewelry, bygone tools, shabby chic and a vinyl shop.

Once the teams have purchased their antiques, the experts use the leftover money and go shopping. Their purchases are ‘bonus buys’ and then each team has to decide whether or not to take their expert’s item to auction. But there’s a catch! Just because it has been brought by an expert doesn’t mean that it’s going to make money – it’s a gamble all round.

The presenter and auctioneer discuss the chances of each item making or losing money for the teams before the sale. The auction begins and the teams get to keep the difference between what they spend on an item and the hammer price at the auction house, it can become very tense indeed!

The day was a great success and Jason Clark, Director at The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables said “we were delighted to welcome the Bargain Hunt team back to film for two days, we used our new Warehouse Taproom Bar & Restaurant (open to the public soon) as the ‘green room’ and even though there were strict Covid rules in place it all went very smoothly and we look forward to seeing the finished programs which start airing in June”.

The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables is delighted to announce the opening of the newly finished ‘Preloved Bookshop’!

Wild Knight Distillery

Wild Knight Distillery is the award-winning distillery based in Beachamwell, Norfolk, just 15 minutes away from Beers of Europe! 

Matt and Steph Brown are the founders. Matt is the distiller with multiple awards for his spirits which include, Wild Knight® English Vodka (World Vodka Award for Best British Varietal), Boadicea® Gin (IWSC award-winning), Nelson’s Gold® Caramelised Vodka (IWSC and Great Taste award-winning) and Wild Knight® Espresso Martini (IWSC award-winning). Matt is constantly developing spirits, going right back to the Norfolk barley which forms the base of their drinks. He is currently developing a rum, and a brandy using Winbirri Vineyard’s pressings.

Steph is their designer and creates the look and feel of each of their brands. At present they distill from home but are hoping to open their distillery during 2022. Watch this space!


Calvors was created in 2008 to brew proper English lagers, becoming one of only three lager-only craft breweries in the UK.  We have been crafting multi-award-winning beers ever since, becoming known for our distinctive take on the much-celebrated lager styles of Europe.  

Lager remains a real passion for Calvors and a large part of what we do, but we love a good ale too! We brew a growing selection of ales and international styles including our latest Baltic Porter 7.2% and Diversion IPA 5.8%.

When you pour a Calvors lager you’re getting a ‘Real Lager’, which has been brewed naturally using only Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast and lagered (conditioned) for at least 4 weeks after fermentation.

  • No adjuncts such as sugars, rice or maize     
  • No watering down
  • No additives such as Sulphur dioxide
  • No misleading claims
  • No artificial ‘lagering’
  • No compromise

We dedicate time and patience to brewing our lagers using traditional methods, to ensure they deliver a distinct quality and taste that challenges the blandness of popular mass-produced brews. It’s not the cheapest way, but it’s the right way – for the taste and the environment.

We’re brew in Suffolk, package on site and use quality East Anglian malted barley in each of our brews.  We are also proud to have a British manufactured brewery and canning line.

Website Launch

It has been our absolute please to be part of this venture. We very much admire the entrepreneurial resilience and determination to open a restaurant in these times. The Warehouse Taproom team have been brilliant to work with, I often say “it’s a client that makes a job” and these guys have been fully engaged, a great team effort. 

We are proud to have designed and developed this gorgeous site, using WordPress CMS, the site is completely responsive for all devices. Firstly serving takeaway Pizzas, our site will compliment the visitor experience of the new Taproom, Restaurant and Bar opening as soon as lockdown allows.

As well as the website we designed the identity. The contrasting colour palette complemented the bold visual identity to support Warehouse Taproom’s vision and work ethic. The memorable graphic echoes the restaurant structure, a focal point to the local community. The construction of composition enables many possibilities for media applications. Immersive images have been added to produce a warm, fun, inviting yet contemporary setting. 

As a team, United Agency can not wait to visit the Warehouse Taproom, it’s our first destination for a company expedition after lockdown! 

Welcome To Whatahoot…

WhataHoot is a multi-award award-winning distillery in the heart of historic King’s Lynn.

Owned and run by husband-and-wife team Jason and Nicky Crown WhataHoot offers a range of locally-inspired gins and vodkas, including Signature Dry Gin, which features the local flavours of Norfolk samphire and lavender. They also produce Tawny Orange Gin, Navy Strength Gin and Signature V Vodka. In addition, they have a tempting selection of gin-related products, including their unique HootFruit (the garnish game changer!); dried orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.

The WhataHoot Distillery is a 17th-century warehouse, packed full of original features including original beams and exposed brickwork, which has been sympathetically restored and converted to create a home for WhataHoot. Located just off King Street, as well as being the hub of production for WhataHoot products, the distillery houses the ground floor ‘Pantry’ which is open daily for supplies of WhataHoot products and the bespoke Gin School and Spirit Lounge where visitors can experiment and make their own gins. In addition, the distillery is available for private hire – perfect for events of any kind, including meetings and drinks receptions.

As for the name … WhataHoot was inspired by Jason Nicky’s life-long love of the barn owls which inhabit the skies in Norfolk, so they took the owl’s calling card as the calling card for the company.

Norfolk Gin

Think fresh juniper aromas and herbal scents, balanced with a touch of spice, hints of sweetness and fragrant citrus: that’s the essence of Norfolk Gin.

One of the original new breed of artisan gins in the UK, Norfolk Gin was first created in 2014 by Jonathan and Alison Redding in their kitchen, located in the historic city of Norwich.

Using the bathtub method, Norfolk Gin features a unique combination of fragrant botanicals, prepared by hand and slowly steeped in the ‘bathtub’. This gentle method gives Norfolk Gin its irresistible flavour and its subtle straw-like colour. Every batch of Norfolk Gin is still made by hand, and with love, in their Norwich gin studio.

Created to appeal to today’s gin drinkers, but hugely respectful of the past, Norfolk Gin’s herby notes are inspired by the traditional Genever, whilst its gentle sweetness pays homage to gin of the Old Tom era.

Norfolk Gin is juniper-led with floral and citrus notes that work together in perfect harmony; resulting in a gin that is smooth, delicious and very easy-drinking.

As well as tasting delicious, Norfolk Gin looks beautiful in its distinctive handcrafted bottle, made by Wade Ceramics in Stoke on Trent. Rather than being disposable, an empty Norfolk Gin bottle is designed to be treasured or re-used.

Whether in a classic gin and tonic or a super-stylish Singapore Sling, Norfolk Gin is a hand-crafted, superior quality spirit which suits any occasion.

Bullards Spirits

Bullards Spirits is a name that’s been synonymous with the history of Norwich since 1837. Beginning at the Anchor Brewery, Bullards Spirits now focuses on the production of handcrafted, award-winning gin.

Bullards Spirits are leaders in innovation and sustainability in the drinks industry. Their Bottle For Life concept encourages consumers to keep their Bottle For Life and enjoy the refill with a letterbox-friendly, Eco-Refill Pouch.

Their collection hosts four signature gins, with a little something to suit every gin preference from a smooth and sweet drop through to something herbaceous and salty. The Bullards Spirits collection delivers classic gins, carefully crafted with a contemporary twist.

Their London Dry Gin is an easy-drinking classic, distilled uniquely with South American Tonka beans giving notes of vanilla, marzipan & adding viscosity for an extra smooth finish. Awarded World’s Best for a reason!

Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin is a contemporary fresh and fruity gin infused with 100 kilos of strawberries in each distillation. A faint trickle of black pepper adds warmth for a tasty finish. She’s a ‘grown-ups’ pink gin.

Their Old Tom Gin is a traditional slightly sweet style of gin distilled with pink pepper, vanilla pods and a Bullards Spirits twist with Norfolk honey & fresh mango. Infused with demerara sugar, this gin has a light golden hue. A great sipping gin or perfect for sweet cocktails.

And finally, their newest addition, Coastal Gin. Inspired by the Norfolk coastline, it is delicate and salty with bright citrus flavours. Featuring a host of locally foraged coastal botanicals to bring a sense of the seaside to each glass. Subtly saline on the palate and a faint tickle of wild fennel on the nose.

Harp Design

Bringing the vision for the The Warehouse Taproom Bar & Restaurant to reality was an exciting project for the Harp Design team. Creating an edgy, stylish restaurant and bar aligning with The Warehouse’s brand.

It was important that the interior strived to deliver an amazing customer experience!

Taking inspiration from the spirit of authentic taprooms and a strong passion the Clark family had for re-using furniture from The Warehouse Antiques & Collectables, Harp Design produced an interior design scheme to create a comfortable familiarity that is synonymous with places of revelry and gathering, with a strong sense of character and inclusion where everyone can meet to while away the hours, through the use of weathered, natural aesthetics of reclaimed and repurposed materials, alongside natural textures of brick and steel.

With the prominent eclectic main bar being the focal point on arrival…a designers dream to create something so unique! And WOW does it look good!!

We are extremely proud to have been asked to be part of this amazing project.

Cheryl Sutton & Hayley Roy

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!

We all love that magical smell of coffee as we walk into an establishment; it awakens our senses at the same time as giving us a sense of comfort.

The Warehouse team have approached local coffee suppliers, explaining our incredible new venture and that we will be supporting regional local businesses, suddenly we had coffee sample delivery’s appearing everywhere, who knew that the East of England had some of the best coffee suppliers in the country!

Unlike most teams across the UK not many of the team are caffeine addicts, this includes the Directors! This you would think could be difficult selecting the right coffee for The Warehouse, do not dismay at this my caffeine powered people, I am addicted to coffee and have made it my personal mission to have every member of the team hooked by the end of this year.

I have already put my plan into action by taking the team around the world via coffee beans, all the samples have been tried and tested with the non-coffee drinkers all having a sip or two, as much as some of these samples had amazing aromas and tantalising tastes something was missing until…

A fabulous local company Silver Oaks Coffee located in Ely offered to send someone out to us, to talk through their coffee and taste the different varieties they have to offer (covid-19 guidance adhered to). Tremendous Tom was allocated to be our coffee guru for the afternoon, whose enthusiasm is just infectious so much so that everyone including the ‘I don’t drink coffee’ people had been completely drawn in asking various questions and sharing Tom’s passion for coffee. It is safe to say we all enjoyed the various coffees we tried from nutty notes to fruity flavours.

Some of you may wish to skip this part as it’s the horror of decaffeinated coffee, I did not under any circumstances want to try the decaffeinated coffee past experiences have damaged my opinions, however, seeing as non-coffee drinkers tried all that was on offer it was only fair I put my brave pants on to give it a try….to my total amazement not only did this Silver Oak decaffeinated coffee look and smell like an expresso shot it also tasted like coffee, its safe to say I’m assuming some form of magic was used in the process to get it to taste like that.

Our tastebuds had been thoroughly tickled and delighted, The Warehouse team have decided and there is no doubt that Silver Oak Coffee will be our number one coffee supplier, we are looking forward to working with them and once restrictions allow, we will be visiting their micro-roastery.

We look forward to you popping in for coffee….

Hattie 🙂

Restaurant Manager