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The jewel in our crown and the reason our expansion is possible.

Beers of Europe celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2020. A year that should have been spent celebrating instead became a somber experience but the support we had from customers was outstanding and gave us the opportunity and motivation to push on with our renovation and restaurant while the shop remained closed to customers.

Since opening back in 2000 the company has been a family-run establishment, starting with only one hundred beers from Belgium and Germany. From there the scale of the business has grown to accommodate multiple businesses on-site, and watching our Mecca go from strength to strength after having plans to expand for several years is a blessing. Currently listing around 2000 beers and 2000 spirits of all varieties, as well as a number of ciders and wines, Beers of Europe, has the largest selection in the UK.

Our already established connections with hundreds of Breweries, Distilleries and Suppliers all over the UK and on the continent put us in good stead to be able to keep the Bar and Taproom ticking over with consistently good quality lines alongside our usual orders for bottles and cans for the shop and website. Conveniently placed in the same building as the Warehouse Bar and Taproom, customers will be more than welcome to take a break from buying beer to drink beer.